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some Cake links

christine's cake page: seeing as how every cake page including the one your on now suck, she has the most complete and up to date cake stuff. GO HERE.
Motorcade of Genorosity lyrics: lyrics
Fashion Nugget lyrics: lyrics
Collection of Cake pictures: if you're desperate ..
Cake wavs: most of these don't exist, either.. still go there and wait for it to load, to hear the background music
UBL Artist...Cake: large list of greatcake sites and othercake related things


cake is my (among others) favorite band. cake plays a wide variety of styles and can be included in almost any (if not every) music classification.cake originates from sacremento,california where they first started playing. ever since cake's release of "Motorcade of Genorosity". i've been hooked on their sometimes humorous and always enjoyable music. cake has two albums, Motorcade of Genorosity (out in 1994) and Fashion Nugget (out in 1996). this page is a piece of shit, but cake isn't. we're awaiting for your new album in this proposed "summer of 98-release". where is it, boys? for news that is actually new, follow the first link on the left.



a Cake song has now been requested times on the radio